Sahir Ali Bagga is the Top of Pakistani Singer of 2019. His voice is Heart Touching for the world. His voice has an ability to stimulate others for excitement and also effectiveness on the heart of People. Sahir Ali Bagga is a Pakistani famous singer and musical instruments.

Intro of Sahir Ali Bagga:

Sahir Ali Bagga also has family and his family status also musical background. In the family of Sahir Ali Bagga, he has father who is the 1970s Pakistani composer. The father name of Sahir Ali Bagga is Amjad Hussain.

Sahir Ali Bagga joined the musical industry as a drummer. Then he met Pakistani old popular video singer Jawad Ahmad. Sahir Ali Bagga collected music for the album of Jawad Ahmad. Firstly, Sahir Ali Bagga recognized for his 1st work in the PTV of VIRSA HERITAGE REVIVED (2009-2010). On this occasion, he performed his performance with many performers of that time. This famous program was held in Lahore Pakistan.

Sahir Ali Bagga also has his own YouTube channel. In this YouTube channel, he said, talk about the his own profession. And also give Comments, react, Prayers, sweet songs and Etc. Now, we are telling you People about Sahir Ali Bagga Reaction.

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Sahir’s Slog:

Sahir Ali Bagga is also hit by Pakistani Nagma of Sahir Ali Bagga. Pakistan Zindabad is a famous Nagma of Sahir Ali Bagga. It is very popular in Pakistan. Indian’s also liked this Nagma. From the start, India is trying to drop the Pakistanis in every field. Now, Indian Copied the Nagma “Pakistan Zindabad“.

On this, Sahir Ali Bagga got angry and showed his hungriness on reaction. On the reaction of the copied of Pakistan Zindabad, he said, the wording in this Nagma is not the simple wording. These words are spoken from the heart of Pakistani’s. So, it is bad habit to copy and Cheating. Stand on your own self.



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