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Mahira Khan beautiful Photo Pose with Black Dress Wallpaper
Mahira Khan beautiful Photo Pose with Black Dress Wallpaper

Today we shall tell you guys about a woman who is very beautiful. There are so many fans in Pakistan and foreign of her, also like her very much. The most cute girl name is Mahira khan. Now we tell you about Pakistani actress Mahira Khan, who is exactly like a sparrow, approximately like a beautiful. But this actress what feels? Does she think about herself? She lifestyle? Are there biography of her?. How many has she done work in movies and dramas. Or How this actress success in modern age.

Family Introduction:

Mahira Khan has only one brother & one sister. The name of the brother of she is Hassaan Khan. She is elder than his brother Hassaan Khan. The age difference between she and his brother is only one and half year. Both sister and brother have very more love. She is very very lovable daughter of her grand father. The father of her job in bank. Her mother was teacher. All the relatives of she lived in only one house. It was full of joint family. There is no any restriction in her family. All live with happy. Her is only lovely daughter in her whole family, because she is only one daughter and sister. She was also naughty girl.

We tell you a little story of Mahira khan of her childhood. Mahira Suddenly saw his brother playing with her cousin while studying in the classroom. Then Mahira started stubborn that I did not study. Because In front of her brother and cousin was playing. Whenever she was seeing both of them was playing. She was feeling a strange thing. She left the work instantaneously. This is the rude behavior of her childhood.


Mahira Khan tells about her childhood something just like that when we were small. We did not sleep. Rather we played at take night. When morning started, we all went to awake her father. Here is interesting that her father made breakfast for her. Then ate with enjoyment. Telling her father about dishes. Mahira’s father job bank accompanied by cooking at home. In all conditions, she wanted to see herself on big screen.

Film Carrer : Mahira Khan saw first movie of India “Ram Lakhan” in childhood. She did not know how she saw. Her liked songs of this movie. Mahira thought that type of songs also sing. Then she make a goal, have an aim that she also do like a Madhuri Dixit dance and will show on big screen. Her picked the tape and carry it in her room. She started the tape songs and danced. So, she came in the showbiz world inspirely. She played the role & performance on a big screen. she also did job with Bollywood super star Shah Rukh Khan. Her film with this actor was successfully good. And it is successful in Bollywood Box office.

Movie Name'sYearIndustry
Bol2011Pakistani Urdu Film
Chambaili 2013Pakistani Urdu Film
Bin Roye2015Pakistani Urdu Film
Ho Mann Jahaan2015Pakistani Urdu Film
Manto2015Pakistani Urdu Film
Actor in Law2016Pakistani Urdu Film
Raees 2017Indian Film Industry
Verna2017Pakistani Urdu Film
7 Din Mohabbat In2018Pakistani Urdu Film
The Legend of Maula Jatt2019
Upcoming Film
Pakistani Urdu Film

First of all, Shoaib Mansoor is a Pakistani director. He did caste of Mahira Khan for very small role. During the shooting of this role, Some people said to Mahira, “Do not meet others with more time” and do not more talk”. This was very common role for she that she could easily play. Then, Pakistani Film director Mahreen Jabbar invited Mahira Khan for any role. Because Mahreen Jabbar has already seen her acting. So, she has liked her acting for shooting. Mahira khan very surprised to see first set of Mahreen Jabbar. So, that’s why, Mahira Khan promoted herself.

Personal Life:

Mahira Khan has a son whose name is Azlan Askari. Mahira khan very worry about her son when she goes to shooting or different set. At that time, Mahira thought when this shooting will finish, when she will research, when she will meet her son. When Mahira researched, she threw things here and there. She cried loudly where are you Mama, Papa, Azlan Etc. After meeting all of them, then she enjoyed with her son Azlan. Whenever, Mahira is busied of any shooting of set then her mother called her a hundred times. Her mother saying, “When you will come to home”, Your son is teasing us. More she was saying, “not meet more people”. Be careful for shooting. GOD save you. If she is busy in any meeting then her mother called her that is doing in home, this is doing etc.

Mahira Khan’s father was a man that live in his own world. Not knew around the surrounding. When she came home. Her father asked to her, “Are you fine”? Because her father had not interested in Showbiz world. But this man was different. he never stopped Mahira for shooting. He asked about herself daily. Her mother asked about herself on call but her father at home.

She Like Things:

Here we tell you that how many things that Mahira like. First of all, she like a rainy season. Because many people enjoy when it rains. So, Mahira also enjoy to see rain. she likes poetry. She does not want to become a writer. This actress likes to open door and to class door. When she see door to open and to close. She feels a strange feeling that who is coming from outside etc.

Mahira is fond of travelling but sometime she does not like because sometime she wants to feel relax herself. She visit the World but not see the world. She has not time to talk anyone, complete her shooting then take flight and came to home. That’s why this actress cannot understand the world. Mahira likes small small rabbits, dogs and butterfly. When rabbits jump, Mahira catch them in happy mood. Then, she throw them down. Mahira likes to revolve. When this actress see the Moon, then she starts to revolve that is very liking to her. She likes white color very much or normal she likes red color.

When Mahira sits alone in home then she listen the songs of pop star India Muhammad Rafi. Rather than she enjoy with taking tea. Mahira Khan has a big dream. When she will make her house then she design it as a type that real new in it some thing. This is very big dream that she is going to complete it soon. So, her full family and relative live accompany with her. All sit at one place to talk and lead life of happiness & relief.



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