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Madiha Imam is a Pakistani dramas actress. She works in Pakistani dramas. She started her work from Pakistani dramas industry. Now this modern age, she become famous actress. In this page, we shall guide you about this actor. she looks very nice, attractive. charming, delightful, pleasing girl also. she is agreeable girl.Princes of charming. She ages is adorable girl.

She Started Career:

A new news about Madiha imam and most of people interest in this field. Yes it is the news of a belt of heavens within about eight degree. Either side of the ecliptic ”including all apparent positions of the sun, moon.

The solar system and most familiar planets. It is divided into equal twelve signs whose name is  Aries, Taurus, Gemini. Leo, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius also. And waiting time of all you is nearly finish.

I tell you the zodiac of Madiha imam is Aquarius. According to her showbiz world mean her profession.She is doin/g hosting on different television channels.And she is also video jockey.Now she see in Bollywood film industry.She is making movie.

Madiha Imam showing her drama serial Dhaani on Har Pal Geo TV channel. In Dhaani drama, the name of this actor she is Dhaani. This actress showing her best performance in Dhaani drama. Recently she gave her new look in drama serial is ” Heer “. In which she is performing a villager charm girl.

Successfully Future

In early age she got her success in of her dreams. she wanted in her childhood. With study she also her hobby work in which she interested. she wins her success with goods due to her hard working. Her actions and thinks is free. And she is playing a role of girl in showbiz world.

news is she opens a small handiwork. craft women center with she help of an NGO worker gettee Aara. Fights against dependent woman. And having a mission to persuade the women to stand their feet. Finally, In this website you can view of this famous actor Madiha Imam.Photo shoot, Images, Pics, Wallpapers, Videos and Dramas List.

  • Real Name : Madiha Imam
  • Age : 27 Years (Update 2018)
  • Height : 5 Feet And 7 Inches (1.708 Meters)
  • Born : 8th February 1991
  • Marital Status : Single
  • Home Town : Karachi
  • Country : Pakistan

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Madiha Imam View For All Dramas Details with Posters.

1 = Dhaani Drama (2016)

The Most Beautiful Drama Serial Dhaani (2016). View here for all details and video episodes of Dhaani drama.
The Most Beautiful Drama Serial Dhaani (2016). View here for all details and video episodes of Dhaani drama.

Dhaani drama is telecast on Har Pal Geo TV channel Network. The Drama online streaming on Har Pal Geo is famous. The very beautiful poster of this drama is ready with HD result. The girl on this poster name is Madiha Imam and the boy name is Sameer. We hope, you would like the poster of this drama. Not forget. Give your comments on this page and share it with other friends & like it.


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