PM Imran Khan of Pakistan addressed in Islamabad and the audience were the students of Baluchistan. In Baluchistan, those students who get knowledge, a special program is arranged for them. In it, the prime minister of Pakistan delivered a speech with full of heart. All the students of Baluchistan encouraged by him. Telling them why our country is made and what’s the aim of its making behind?

When the ideology of a nation finish either ideology does not or when idea of nation dies then also nation die. These all discussion are very important for understand that ideas hurdles coming in Pakistan.

Sometime one do review and next time second. A history has involved in Baluchistan separately. A thing is hidden behind them, when theory of nation becomes weak or dies then nation also destroys.  It is very important to all of you to understand that why this country was made?


Respected Quaid e Azam, was a great leader of Muslims of Hindustan. He decided until he struggled full for together Hindu and Muslim. He called super leader of Hindu and Muslim. Was it happened that Quaid-e-Azam separated from Congress.


Pakistan Baluchistan Students Addressed Photo Shoot
Pakistan Baluchistan Students Addressed Photo Shoot

Imran Khan motivated the Muslims again and repeating the words. He said that it should be necessary for you to live at separate homeland. Because it will not consider equal citizen to you in Hindustan. He gave full company to take separate homelands.

Opposition party:

Muslim opposed to them. People did not listen Quaid-e-Azam a long time. And the enemy attacked to him for their own self. They do so because they want power. So that wanted to make a prime minister of a country. and attacked more and more on him. He has a little party of Muslim league.  That time came then he could not bear and went to England.

Life style of Quaid-Azam:

Quaid-e-Azam was a successful lawyer. He went to England and his life style was royal. A bant car was used in that period that was also expensive today. He had a very large house in London led a life like a king.

Then a time came. He did come back. Because there was no leader of Muslims. In Hindustan the population will be 20 crores of Muslims and have no leader. There was not any leader that time except Quaid-e-azam. Then Iqbal said “come back”. So, he returned.

He started the work hard and at last Pakistan came into begin on 14 august 1946.

More Imran khan said, “Allama Iqbal gave concept of Pakistan”. His thinking is unique in history of today, have no example of his thinking. His thinking is about to make Islamic state of Muslim country.

What is Islamic state. According to all scholars and great thinker Islamic state is only Medina.

Now I am considering that it is very important for you to know that Islamic state on which principles?

Principle is based on our not but whole universe respect and love “Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)”. More Prime minister said China took up its own country of 70 crores

People only 30 years. China followed the principle that how go from down to up.


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