All the Singers that has sung either is singing in Pakistan. A new young personality has grown his foot with those singers. Today, we shall introduce you about Aima Baig. How this young girl made singer? Has she lifestyle? What type of her biography?What type of her family? How does she lead life? How many Aima Baig has sister and brother?


She sings in very beautiful voice like a pop star singer. How she modulates her voice? But do you know about this female singer career with her latest photos gallery?

We shall tell you Aima Baig age, wiki, info pictures, wallpapers, background bio, parents news, family news, showbiz news and many more in this page.

History of Aima’s Name;

The full name of Aima Baig is Aima (Noor-Ul-Ain). The Mom of Aima named her short. Because her mom had a friend and her name was Aima That’s why, her mom was put her name Aima. Father was keep her name of Aima. Because her father wanted that he will do some main. So, her father edited more her name to made Aima Noor Ul Ain. Her couple name is Aima Noor ul ain. That’s why, this female singer has full name Aima Noor Ul Ain Baig. During this period, this singer is famous of her name of Aima Baig.

Personal Life:

Aima is of total five sisters and brothers. She has two brothers and three sisters. The first large sister is a doctor. the second is brother that is electrical engineer. The 3rd is sister continue study. Then 4th one is Aima Baig. The youngest is brother. She born in Pakistan city Raheem Yar Khan. The job of Aima’s father is Electrical Engineer. Now this female Singer residents in Lahore.

The education of Aima’s mother is M.Ed (Master of education). Her mother suffered in Cancer when Aima’s age Six. And her mother is still competing with it.





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