A 3D Printed House Established Which Cost is $250,000 For a Community

A New 3 Dimensional Printed House Release California in 2018, Take a Look.
A New 3 Dimensional Printed House Release California in 2018, Take a Look.

A city and a fishing port on the coast of California is Monterey Peninsula where one can take a seat about eight hours south of Silicon Valley. In Monterey Peninsula, Silicon Valley is called because The elemental form of silicon is “Microchips” and “Solar cells”. South of Silicon Valley has a capacity to convert solar cells energy into electrical energy and it is the source of electricity. It is the valley where you will be able to fly community that is sketched as a refreshment for the area of best technology.

In 2016, Life in woods or Walden Monterey was established by a property developer that name is Nick Jekogian, who started and set forth to convert the 609-acre land into a seashore “agricultural land” community, a change of growing amongst a person reaching young adulthood around the year 2000, may be a generation year and this process is known as millennials in which they avoid the plan of relating to a game played on a large open air courses in which a small hard ball is strict with a club into a series of small holes in the ground, the object that is used a few possible strokes to complete the course means golf communities, just like before generation instead to cover the agricultural area which force on nature and farms etc. The plans and ideas of property to construct total 22 homes in the areas which have more than $5 million cost and every home has sold in November 2017. To sold the homes after this plan, a buyer who buy the home should work with a team or a group of architects in the presentation of jekogian then deal out to plus a lot money like millions for the establishing homes.

A New 3 Dimensional Printed House Release California in 2018, View for Front Background.
A New 3 Dimensional Printed House Release California in 2018, View for Front Background.

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See the Galini sleeping shell or may be a sleeping pod, in size Galini sleeping pod is 300 square feet and for construction it has taken four to six weeks. Branch technology is a company who construct the homes by 3 dimensional printing of the skin of shell. Branch technology is that company which is growing fast construction methods for planning of NASA Mars. It is a pod that comprise carbon fiber and one can take a seat at the top of aluminum base from ground to pod.

Now we are starting giving information about Tesla batteries which is the international system of unit of “magnetic flux density” and more detail about this house. First of all, the pod has no any bad effect on the environment. SECOND It is used recycled things, for example; the recycled plastic is used for construction. THIRD it contains LED lighting, the Plumbing and mechanical systems are green to enough. A compression system also works that region, it is work to draw and provide water system as it draws water from environment and provide it to the workers and the people of pod. Panels of solar system and wind turbines provide a lot of power and energy to the units and this source of batteries is taken from Tesla. Saying said that under the destiny has a small belly. An interesting point is that place where a tesla battery is placed. However, some people often use fresh air for air conditioner that air enters from outside to inside. According to the need, there is a system that heats and cools the place and space it is said by sayigh.



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